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Why and How NSquareIT come up with ODC business model ?
What we are offering under ODC ?

Business Process

NSquareIT offers two different business models. After looking at client requirement and future planning, we suggest one of best suitable business model to client.

1. Establish & Operate (Silver) ODC

NSquareIT will provide support in 2 different phases, such as, Project Analysis and Execution.

Project Analysis and Team Allocation:

In this phase, we will have to gather requirement, technical feasibility testing Team member allotment responsibility under NSquareIT according to technology involvement, if require hiring outside pool of resource. We will give support on that


Project will execute under your observation but fully infrastructure maintenance done by NSquareIT.
Monthly payment fees based on set employee rate/salary.
Establish & Operate ODC model advisable for 6-12 months of project.

2. Establish, Operate & Hand Over (Gold) ODC

Everything implement same as Silver ODC but here client can hire selective candidate and build own team. Infrastructure and Initial Investment will be done by client. Client can set project execution process from start to end.

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  • John Carbin
    "Everything was completed successfully and professionally. I have never been disappointed by Navin's work! It is simply the best. He finished the project before the deadline and was always available when I needed to talk to him. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"
    John Carbin
  • Johnny Cheng Revolvv
    "Great development team to work with NSquareIT. Always available for communication and a complete organisation with good resources."
    Johnny Cheng Revolvv
  • Sam Fielding
    "NSquareIT has provided a fast and high quality service with frequent updates. Payment via PayPal was quick, easy and secure. I would recommend this company for anyone who wants to make changes to a WordPress site."
    Sam Fielding
  • Wesley Jenkins
    "Their service, attention to detail, and professionalism are all excellent. I strongly recommend their services and look forward to working with them again myself in the future. "
    Wesley Jenkins
  • Maria Chase
    I Appreciate all the hard work you have put into this, it really is very close to looking the way I envisioned it.
    Maria Chase
  • Jonathan Eischen
    It has been excellent working with NSquareIT over the years. They have been super professional and reliable. Looking forward to many years ahead!
    Jonathan Eischen
  • Steve Price
    I have worked with this company for a while now the service i get is both professional and effective and friendly, they make sure you are satisfied with all aspects of their service I have recommended them to many of my colleagues in the SEO business as they are probably the most cost effective company out there.
    Steve Price
  • Lady Zhe
    Karan and the team at NSquare IT have been a joy to work with over the years. Karan is a very consistent communicator on behalf of his team. Love it!
    Lady Zhe

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